JoleneCarlson-8886(1)Rev. Jolene Bergstrom Carlson
Executive Director and President of Ministry Mentors
Former Associate Superintendent of the Central Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church, Chicago, Illinois

Everyone deserves a place where s/he feels safe and supported.  Ministry Mentors is that place for professional clergy.  In my many years of serving in ministry first as a pastor’s spouse, then as a pastor, and later as a middle judicatory leader, I frequently witnessed the need for pastors to find that safe place.  Pastors care for an entire congregation.  Where do pastors go for encouragement and challenge for themselves?  When pastors realize they are not alone in their joys and frustrations, there is a profound connection.  Ministry Mentors helps pastors connect with each other providing interdenominational and confidential support.  I am both honored and excited to lead such a movement that offers assistance to pastors thus helping The Church be the strong voice it needs to be in our ever-changing world. READ BIO

DHF-2010photo0001Rev. Dr. Donald H. Fagerberg
Pastor Emeritus, Lutheran Church of the Ascension, Northfield, Illinois

Through my 36 years of ordained ministry in congregational settings, I was blessed by God in having wonderful mentors. In both times of celebration and times of stress, I knew that I was not alone. To pass that life-saving gift on to others, Ministry Mentors was formed to meet an urgent need: a confidential, independent place for ordained clergy to share their hopes and dreams as well as their stresses and concerns. Going it alone is detrimental to the health of both the pastor and the pastor’s family. Like Abraham, Ministry Mentors team members have been “blessed to be a blessing.” READ BIO


Pamela Hultgren


After working as an administrator in a congregational setting for over 20 years, I understand how challenging the job of a pastor really is and what effective, intentional mentoring can mean to a pastor.