Prayers of Praise and Adoration

Lent 2016
Lent 2016

Sometimes when we praise and adore you we put you on a pedestal and make you distant and big and strong.

Having you there feels comfortable because our limited humanity can’t begin to grasp the vastness of your creative and loving energy. Often we feel inept and quiet our adoring voices. Then we remember that so much of how you manifested yourself through Jesus was to leave the pedestal and walk with us in our humanity.

This first week of Lent, we humbly ask you to listen as we fumble through our senses and find the kernels of honest praise we have for you.

We Adore you for shielding us from the depths of your mysterious ways.

We Adore you for including us and letting us glimpse into your mysterious ways.

We Honor your goodness and power beyond anything we can comprehend.

We Honor your silence when your power would destroy our freedom and will.

We Praise you for loving us unconditionally.

We Praise you for loving us enough to let us fail and make mistakes.

We Adore you for the vastness of the natural created universe.

We Adore you for the intimacy of your creating presence within us.

We Honor your wisdom as you refuse to let us “box” you into our own images of you.

We Honor your generosity as you continue to invite us to become your loving and giving friends.

Holy One, hear our hearts, hear our prayers for ourselves, our pastors, and our families as together we try to teach and learn your ways. Remind us to always return to you, the Source of all wisdom, grace, and mercy. Amen.