Prayers of Petition

Lent 2016
Lent 2016

Somehow, God, it seems selfish to send personal petitions to you.  After all, we are your servants and give your care to others. Then we remember that you said, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Do you mean to say that if we hesitate to ask for what we need from you or others, we might be trying to do your job?

Okay, we will try to spill out this prayer from our honest selves.

God, we need some time to be quiet and just do what we choose for a change.

God, we need some time to be silly and play with our partners, children, and friends.

God, we need some wisdom on how to deal with the daily demands that seem endless and are frankly often unsolvable.

God, we need reassurance that our honest raw selves really are okay with you.

God, we need to have a mentor and friend that knows all about us and doesn’t judge but delights in us.

God, we need to know acceptance and safety so we can let our wounds be seen.

God, we need to be safe enough to hear how we have wronged another and deal with our feelings and actions when we have been wronged.

God, we need to be open enough to hear when we are wrong and need to ask for forgiveness.

God, we need to be challenged even though we fight it.

God, we need to have the courage to be honest about ourselves and with others.

God, we think we want to be open and available for new ideas and people but sometimes that is just too demanding. Help us keep open.
Thanks for listening. We are going to be quiet now.