Prayers of Intercession

Lent 2016
Lent 2016

As a preface to writing a prayer this week, you are invited to reflect on some thoughts from a book published in 1985 by Upper Room entitled, Prayer, Stress, and Our Inner Wounds, by Flora Slosson Wuellner. I’m moved by her wisdom suggesting that prayers for healing of our own wounds is truly the beginning of being able to have whole intercessory prayer for others.

“Within a few months after consenting to God’s deep healing within myself, I began to notice a new painful awareness of the hurting people around me…as the healing deepened within me, the sensitivity grew. I began to want to do something for the wounds of others… Depth prayer not only raises our inner awareness of the pain of the world, but it is also a direct action in the world. A great spiritual leader once said that the praying person is releasing new healing energy into the very life stream, just as a plant is releasing oxygen.”

Let us pray.

Holy God,

As we stumble with you on this Lenten journey, we offer ourselves and our wounds to those around us who are also stumbling, wondering if healing is possible for their lives and for our fragmented and often hate filled country and world. We need help believing that you have never stopped holding and healing us and the world.  We pray that our hearts will be opened to your loving desire for all the wounds within and around us to receive the healing ointment of your love and grace. What a gift to all of us, that as we receive care for our own wounds and struggles, you use us to be your loving presence in our unhealed world. We are honored that you trust us with such a mission.

In love and gratitude,