When an orchestra/band plays, I always find myself drawn toward the flutes. As they enter the song, they seem to silence the often fast and loud noises of the symbols, bases and even violins. I rest in their soft tones. I dance with their playful runs up and down the scales of harmony or dissonance. At times the sound of the flute is piercing and even shrill. It startles me. It makes my body jerk, and I protect my ears with cupped hands. At other times, I breathe in their long, high single notes and simply smile in silence.

An orchestra helps me catch a glimpse of the Holy Spirit; a daily presence that can and does startle me in unexpected ways shaking my smooth and harmonious patterns or letting me rest in silent tones. It invites me to look with different eyes, opens my heart to someone or something I had dismissed, or helps me enter the common music of the orchestra and just “be”.

The Holy Spirit lets me cry or sigh, always receiving me as I am. The Holy Spirit has the freedom to come as She chooses. We may need to be given the loud piercing sound of the clashing symbols. We may need to hear the notes of dissonance. We may need to receive the calm of the simple notes of the violin or flute. But always, the Spirit will be with us as we open ourselves to its Holy presence and receive the invitation to listen to the music of the Holy orchestra.

Thanks be to God for the gift of the Holy Spirit. May Pentecost be alive and present in our lives.

Rev. Jolene Bergstrom Carlson
Executive Director/President

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