“Who better to mentor, but another who has walked the terrain?”
~An Evangelical Covenant Church Mentor, Chicago, IL

Paul’s letters to the churches are the words of a mentor—strengthening, encouraging, and enlightening us to become more effective ambassadors for Christ. We, too, are called to be mentors, serving those who serve as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s mysteries (1 Corinthians 4:1). Following Paul’s example, we are to pass on those things that lead to excellence in ministry.

The marks of strong pastoral ministry can be found in the practice of many clergy who take time to care for the spirit, mind, and body in their personal, professional, marital and/or familial lives. Mentoring can make the difference between frustration and fulfillment in pastoral ministry.


The core of Ministry Mentors is the relationship between two pastors, one being mentored (the Pastor) and the other mentoring (the Mentor).  Ministry Mentors upholds the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality as hallmarks of its unique and innovative ministry.

 Each Pastor served by Ministry Mentors receives mentoring designed to support and enhance his/her ministry and preempt isolation and stagnation.

Pastor being mentored will:

  • Be faithful to the relationship established with his/her Mentor;
  • Keep regular contact with his/her Mentor;
  • Be open to being mentored with honesty and sharing information that feels safe to share.

 The Pastors who serve as Mentors in the Ministry Mentors program are active and retired pastors who have demonstrated faithfulness in parish ministry, and the approval of their area denominational leaders.

Mentor will:

  • Be faithful to the relationship established with the Pastors being mentored;
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the mentoring relationship.
  • Meet regularly with the Pastors being mentored, in person, via telephone or email, or electronically.
  • Support the other Mentors within the Regional Group.
  • Pray for each of the Pastors in their mentoring care and the congregations they represent.


THE REGIONAL LEAD MENTOR: The Lead Mentors are pastors who have exhibited excellence, faithfulness, and leadership in parish ministry and have, personal integrity and the approval of their area denominational leaders.

Lead Mentor will:

  • Be faithful to the mentoring relationship established with the Mentors within the Regional Group;
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the mentoring relationship;
  • Meet regularly with the Mentors;
  • Pray for each of the Mentors and the Pastors they are mentoring.

 Groups exist to support and enrich the Mentors as well as provide supervision, evaluation, and accountability for the Ministry Mentors program.

The essential standards of each successful Group include:

  • Regular gatherings assist one another in the mentoring process.
  • A devotional time.
  • The opportunity to share different approaches in mentoring.
  • The freedom to ask questions and seek advice concerning mentoring.
  • The maintenance of confidentiality.