Good Companions


We don’t get to do Resurrection Sunday without Good Friday. I was kind of angry on Good Friday afternoon realizing that even in myself, I wanted to skip over darkness, death, grief, injustice and get to the light and hope and the “fixing” that my Savior brings and the message that “all will be well.”

But all is not well. People all over the world are suffering from injustices of all kinds: economic, social, religious, ethnic, and sexual. Death and discrimination are happening.

Without being companions together through the pain and injustice of the cross, we cannot be companions together at the empty tomb.

That may sound grim, but it is really good news. All of us have light and dark within us. We are created in God’s image with these characteristics. Jesus, on the cross, affirms our humanity that includes our darkness as well as our light. That is a gift of the cross. He has been in the dark. We have times in the dark. The dark can be death and the end; or it can be the rich soil of birthing new life.

Which do we choose?  Do we want to simply ignore that we have darkness within us?  Do we want to label others as the dark ones and blame our darkness on others?

Or do we want to venture into our darkness and let ourselves enter into the rich dark soil of rootedness and new birth?

Thanks be to God that Good Friday and the Resurrection are really good companions. They are friends. They need each other. We cannot honestly exist and thrive without both of them.

So these next weeks of Easter, may we give ourselves the gift of the darkness within us, the cross of Jesus, so we may be free to receive the light that the Resurrection of Jesus offers to all of us. What a gift these weeks can be as we live our honest lives filled with the rich soil of darkness and hope of light.