I am benefiting tremendously from my Mentor’s helpful guidance. His mentoring is always a blessing.
~An Episcopal Priest, Charlottesville, Virginia


Ministry Mentors does not charge a fee for its mentoring services to pastors.  Funding is generously provided by individuals, congregations, denominations, and foundations who believe that strengthening and supporting clergy is a long-term investment in our churches, communities, nation, and world.

Ministry Mentors has seen that as mentors and pastor’s being mentored, and denominations, congregations and our donors recognize the benefits of mentoring, they desire to pay it forward so that Ministry Mentors can continue offering high quality mentoring to pastors at no cost.

You can support this important ministry to pastors by making a donation to Ministry Mentors. Together as we support our clergy we can begin to imagine a world of pastors living out God’s call as inspiring, comforting, competent leaders serving individuals, congregations, and the wider world.

Mail your donation to:

Ministry Mentors
P. O. Box 2697
Glenview, IL 60025-2697

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