Ash Wednesday

The seminary, where my late husband taught for over 35 years, established a scholarship in our names and dedicated a room in his honor. During the program dedicating the room, several people spoke of him and the different ways he had been present in their lives.

Many themes evolved, but the most consistent description was of how he walked with colleagues, students, and friends in times of darkness, depression, doubt, and confusion.

I know that he, like so many of us, was able to walk with them during times of darkness because he walked there himself.

Our dark/shadow sides have much to teach us.

Shadow work is not easy. It releases the content and power of our “imperfections.” This exploration can range from being uncomfortable to devastating.  But ironically, it is on this honest and vulnerable road that we have the chance of being lifted into our deepest humanity and fullest self and other awareness.

On this Ash Wednesday, we are invited to go within ourselves and to walk with each other as we enter the shadows of Christ’s Lenten journey.


Jolene Bergstrom Carlson
Executive Director/President 

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