About Us


Who We Are
Ministry Mentors is a Christian organization, spiritually-based, independent, and cross-denominational, that supports pastors by providing independent, confidential pastor-to-pastor mentoring among clergy.

Who We Serve
Ministry Mentors serves all pastors regardless of position of ministry, denominational association, gender, color, age, sexual orientation, geographical location, or social position.

Mentoring is available in person when possible, and by phone, email, and other electronic means when appropriate, making this vital resource available to pastors anywhere!

Our Goal
To connect pastors in mentoring relationships, providing support in all areas of their professional and personal lives.

Our Strategy
To offer a safe environment where a pastor may think out loud through confidential, independent, spiritually-based mentoring.

Our Mission
Envision a world of pastors living out God’s call as inspiring, comforting, competent leaders serving individuals, congregations, and the wider world. We do! Pastors are our mission and passion.

Ministry Mentors:

  • Offers independent pastor-to-pastor mentoring
  • Provides a personal resource
  • Reinforces strengthens and encourages growth areas and spiritual disciplines
  • Encourages effective use of spiritual gifts and skills
  • Provides a safe environment to think out loud
  • Assists in determining vision and values
  • Assists in setting priorities
  • Facilitates healthy team ministries and staff relationships