A Lament

Oh God,

From generation to generation you have shown steadfast love.
From the genesis of time, you have cared for your family.
Why, now, have you turned from your children?
You allow abuse and neglect.
Must your wrath be inflamed against children?
You allow death to come to babies.
You allow children to be struck with violence.
It is your honor that burns in ashes.
Where are you, Yahweh?
Must children scream in silence?
Their wounds drip with bitterness, their bruises pulsate with anger.
Their eyes are dimmed from despair.
Their bellies howl with pain.
Some try to care for them, to heal their hunger and pain.
Some try to help them in your name.
Why are you silent, Yahweh?
Oh God, you brought deliverance from Egypt; deliver the children.
You destroyed the enemies; crush the evil in their lives.
You played with Leviathan; restore their play.
Oh God, you fashioned the limits of the earth;
       weave limits of love for the children.
Remember Yahweh, you molded your children from the dirt,
       and said, “Behold, they are good.”
Come, O God, hear the voices of the children, do not be silent.
Do not let evil mock your name.

Rev. Jolene Bergstrom Carlson
Executive Director/President

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