Z 2013 Seminar – Bishop Miller

2013 04 24_BishopStrengthen the Relationship;
Strengthen the Ministry

 Seminar for Pastors and Lay Leaders Sponsored by Ministry Mentors

Keynote Speaker: Bishop Wayne Miller
Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nearly fifty pastors and lay leaders gathering for breakfast on Wednesday, April 24, to hear the wisdom of Bishop Wayne Miller, bishop of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod, ELCA.

Bishop Miller shared seasoned insights on how church leadership and pastors get caught in a “structural thing.”  He says, “It used to be that the pastor owned the ministry and his role was to get people to work it out. Now, we need to use leadership structures in a new way.  Entire structures of professional leadership everywhere are experiencing change.  We as pastors and lay leaders need to explore how those changes fit in our churches.”

The event was co-sponsored by a grant from St. David’s Episcopal Church Fuller Grant.

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