To Everything There is a Season and a Time . . .

In the words of the poet in Ecclesiastes, To everything there is a season and time. . .

Almost twenty years ago, Ministry Mentors was founded by the pioneering spirit of Rev. Dr. Donald H. Fagerberg. It was a unique design providing safe and challenging space for pastors to support each other.

In these past years, with the growth of denominational programs, generous grants from foundations, and an abundance of electronic resources, we rejoice that pastors have more opportunity to seek and receive support than ever before. We also rejoice knowing that mentoring continues with the many hundreds of pastors who have been mentored.

After careful research, prayer, and practical analysis, the Board of Directors voted on November 3, 2018 to dissolve the official status of Ministry Mentors .

We pray that the legacy of Ministry Mentors will continue as we each remember to support and give thanks for our local pastors.

In Gratitude with God’s Shalom,

Board of Directors
Rev. Jolene Bergstrom Carlson, President/Executive Director
Richard M. Sawdey, Board Chair
Hugh Magill, Treasurer
Dr. Donald H. Fagerberg, Founder
Diane G. Hill
Rev. Deborah Jarvis
Richard Knoedler
Dr. Arthur A. R. Nelson
Scott Petersen
Rev. Barbara Taylor
Rev. David Wood